The Smoke House serves an impeccable selection of exceptional
vintage cocktails and a connoisseur's collection of single malt whiskies.
The hotel's Personable Johnnie The Barman and his team prepare
and serve these stunning selections daily.

A Vintage
Cocktail Tasting

Thursday - Saturday
One for One offer
six to eight o'clock

Classic punches,
cobblers, flips,
swizzles and vintage
cocktails dating back
to the 30s, 50s and
70s are revived at
The Smoke House.
Discover The
Majestic's Signature
Code 55 and
relive the legendary
story of this cocktail.

Single Malt
Daily Flights

One for One offer

We are excited to introduce
our single malt vertical
tasting flight featuring
The Fine Glenfarclas Range.
The scotch novice or expert
can sample 3 Glenfarclas
vintages side-by-side to
detect the subtle nuances
and different expressions
of this single malt scotch as
it ages. One serving of 3
vertical vintages each flight.

Craft and
Artisanal Whisky

One for One offer

Experience the
celebration of single
malt mixology daily
such as Rusty Nails -
the Original, Japan
style, Wabi-Sabi of
Yamazaki and Hakushu
cocktails and many
other craft and
artisan whiskies.